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7 essential travel tips for new parents

Use these travel tips from the “been there, done that” crowd, and you’ll look forward to your trip!

Ready or not, travel season is upon us. This season, many of us will enjoy the comfort of familiar family gatherings at destinations scattered across the country. But for many parents, while the journey and destination may be a well-traveled path, getting there with an infant is all new territory.

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that babies need—and thrive—on routine. So with airlines increasingly restrictive about luggage these days, packing for yourself is tricky enough. Add in baby, and the thought can be daunting. But with a little planning and a few first-time travel tips from “been there, done that” parents, you’ll look forward to your trip without the slightest dread.

1. Take what you think baby needs—and then cut that in half. You’d be surprised what can be set aside. Short of diapers, car seat/stroller, a few changes of onesies, and a blanket everything else can be improvised. You’re visiting, not moving in. In fact barefootblonde advises to leave extras, like (albeit, cute) shoes, at home: if they aren’t even walking yet, save the luggage space!

2. Especially with toddlers in tow, you know you’re going to need snacks so poshbrood suggests DIY trail mix. When you make your own, you choose what’s in it. Simply use your favorite low-sugar cereal (Cheerios actually works great!), pretzels, or even Teddy Grahams for a cute, slightly sweet base.

3. Check TSA rules about formula and bottles so you’re not crying over spilled milk.

4. If you’re traveling by plane, you know that baby’s ears will be uncomfortable. Plan to feed at take off or give a pacifier.

5. One thing worth packing: infant pain reliever/fever reducer. Juuuuust in case, because it's so much easier to grab it out of your bag than to have to make a late-night drugstore run. But havebabywilltravel advises: have medications ready for inspection. Liquids like cough syrup, pain reliever, decongestant spray, etc. are allowed in your carry-on, but you must show these items to the screening officer.

6. If baby gets fussy, change his or her view and try to get an aisle seat; there will be all new colors and images to take in. It could be as easy taking a walk down the aisle to the restroom or switching off with your spouse.

7. Always have a spot for baby in the airport, at a rest stop, or once you hit your destination. The coco go 3-in-1 bouncer lounger, rocker, and stationary baby seat (with two vibration speeds) will conveniently fit in among your suitcases with its patented flat-fold design and travel bag. Not only does it take up little trunk/luggage space, it will also take up very little room where you’re staying—whether it be in a home or hotel.

bloom coco go instructional video from bloom on Vimeo.

Photo: Dakota Corbin via Unsplash