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eco baby

conscious parenting for your beautiful baby and the world we live in

when you hold your baby in your arms it is inevitable to think of the beautiful life it has ahead, and to hope that he or she will get to live in a better world. an ever greater number of parents work to make that world possible by adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle and opting for products that are better for the planet. bloom baby products fit into this category, as they are carefully crafted to be safe and environmentally sustainable.

image of bouncer

one great product that embodies both of these ideals is the coco go bouncer, must-have seats in which babies can sleep, play, or just hang out. these 3-in-1 loungers are great for parents and little ones who are on the move: they’re easily adjustable, feature a two-speed vibration setting, and can easily be folded flat and inserted into a travel bag which makes for easy transitions from point a to point b. the seat includes a five-point harness for maximum safety, and the baby-facing surface is made of a soft organic cotton that babies love and parents especially appreciate, as it is the best thing for little ones with very delicate or sensitive skin. crafted from sustainable wood and recyclable plastics, this wonder is free of lead, bpa, phthalates, pvc, formaldehyde & flame retardants that can harm your babe.

image of bouncer grey color

image of bloombaby bouncer

grey bloobaby bouncer

image of nice bouncer

another brilliant, baby and eco safe bloom baby product is the alma papa bundle, a beautiful cot that fits comfortably into tight, urban spaces, but is large enough to keep your baby snug and safe during the time when he or she requires a cot bed. suitable for little ones of up to four years of age, the bundle is made out of solid, sustainably forested wood. the bundle features a custom bloom mattress with organic cotton cover, and a mattress protector - everything you need for baby's best night sleep.

 eco safety bundle

if you decide to pick up a coco or coco go bouncer, or an alma mini or papa bundle, make sure you take advantage of the special earth15 discount code, which will take 15% off your order today!

commitment to baby and eco safety

bloom baby was founded by four dads who are passionate about raising their little ones amongst objects that are not only attractive, but also safe and environmentally sustainable.

there is nothing in the world more precious than our children, and that’s why safety always comes first when it comes to bloom baby products. there is no lead, phthalate, bpa, pvc, heavy metal, azo dye, pcp or toxic preserves in them, and they all meet or exceed european, australian and canadian safety standards.

because we strive to leave our children a better world than the one in which we live, bloom baby only features products made of sustainable, recyclable materials. we’re committed to protecting the environment, and that is why our packaging is eco friendly – completely recyclable and biodegradable, and why all of our wooden products are made in accordance with top labour, safety, quality and environmental standards, from trees extracted by fast-growing, sustainable forests in estonia, latvia and vietnam.

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bloom nursery setup - no tools required (time lapse) from bloom on Vimeo.