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living the high life with stylish, baby safe furniture

baby furniture that is safe, sustainable, and gloriously stylish

father and son highchair product

top earners are accustomed to living in style, with brilliantly designed homes that are just as sophisticated as their owners. the sleek set devote a lot of effort to curating their domestic environment, and can afford to let their visual identity shine with beautiful architecture, careful detailing, compelling artwork and custom furniture that reflects their unique taste.

in such a context, adding a new member to the family may have been a little daunting in the past, but fortunately today we have great companies like bloom baby, which have emerged to provide discerning couples with great baby furniture that is safe, sustainable, and gloriously stylish. whether your baby needs a cot, rocker, highchair, or any number of accessories, baby bloom has a product that is perfect for you.

photo of bloom baby products

one such stylish wonder is the fresco, available in elegant white or black as well as stunning chrome finishes with all the accessories. also known as the world’s highest baby chair, your little one can relax in three different reclining positions way above the floor, where they can be kept safe from dust and pets while maintaining eye contact with the entire family, which can sit together at the table or counter top from the very first moment.

 image of highchairs

one of the most brilliant things about the fresco is that it can be set into so many configurations that you can count on it to keep your little one safe and snug from its first day back from the hospital until he or she is up to eight years old. switching from one setting to another is seamless, and once you have selected one the chair’s great, 360-degree swivel ability makes activities like feeding much easier to take on. the removable and dishwasher-safe tray means that cleaning up spills is quick and simple.

bloombaby blog

because bloom baby products are all about keeping your little ones safe, the fresco features a wide base that virtually makes tumbles impossible, and the child-proof safety bar and five-point harness keeps your baby securely in place, regardless of whether he or she is lying down, slightly reclining, or sitting fully upwards in this marvellous chair. couples have an easy time adjusting the fresco up and down height taking advantage of the office chair technology ingeniously embedded in this modern chair.

best of all, the fresco is a truly attractive piece of baby furniture that can fit into any stylish home. its evidently modernist design is delightfully retro without being antiquated, and the detailing comes in five vivid frame options – titanium, silver, noir, white and rose gold  easily paired with wipe-clean seat pads that are available in 15 different shades, from rock red through harvest orange, and many other options, you can design your own look and feel.

sophisticated couples do not let the happy expansion of their family hamper their unique interior design style: they can use the joyful occasion to accentuate it with great new pieces that reflect their wonderful new baby.

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bloom nursery setup - no tools required (time lapse) from bloom on Vimeo.